5 good reasons why you should choose Appinc

A little bit of history 

Appennino Incoming was created from a bet: build an organized and digitalized system that could help tourists create their own travel experience and buy it online, with just one click. The idea was to create an innovative distribution channel for the tourist activities in our territory, a simple and efficient bidding and sales system. An aggregator used to put the tourism system online and to make it competitive and easily accessible. 

Our experience at your service 

We travelled the Apennines far and wide to create exciting offers that made us want to make everyone discover all the hidden treasures of our territory even more. We only have one goal: make people feel good – doing it together! 
Just a few ingredients but with infinite combinations.

“The only rule is: don’t come back as you left. Come back different”.  – Anne Carson 

Our tour operators, the environmental guides and all our enthusiast partners trust us and they chose to create not just “packages”, but authentic experiences, convinced that when the tourist is the protagonist, he is a more aware traveller and an ally in the promotion of the territory. 

Appennino incoming 

Appennino incoming is an online booking platform thanks to which you can discover the Apennines. The project started in 2019, thanks to Aleste Tour and Happennines, two companies from Le Marche that are constantly working to promote our territory.

Our strengths 

Are you ready to leave for your next adventure with Appennino Incoming?

If you are still not convinced, we can try giving you some more reasons why you should be.

  • Immediate confirmation
    After buying an activity with Appennino Incoming, you will receive immediate feedback on your booking.
  • Starting from two participants
    Appennino Incoming’s experiences are confirmed starting from only 2 participants. 
  • Free cancellation
    With Appennino Incoming you can cancel your booking without penalties up until 24 hours before the beginning of your activity.  
  • 24/7 assistance service
    In case you have any doubt or problem during the booking process, or if you want any information, Appennino Incoming offers you its 24/7 telephone assistance service. 
  • Best price guaranteed
    Booking with Appennino Incoming you are sure to buy your activities with the most convenient rate. 
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